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The Cross O Ranch was established in 1890 and has seen 6 generations live in the same house at the same location. It is nestled in the second deepest canyon in the continental United States and the beauty and views are absolutely breathtaking. Despite its harsh terrain, it is home to some of the best land to raise and harvest cattle. In late 2016, the Cross O Ranch had to make a big shift. After the death of current owner and 4th generation rancher Dave Wilson, his kids, Derek and Amy, were forced to make some life-altering decisions. The ranch, which is one of the oldest family run ranches in Idaho, was on the verge of being sold to a developer and the kids weren’t about to let their legacy die. When they had to take on a massive debt to keep the ranch going, they had to make some changes to the way things had always been done. The family had always operated on the model of shipping out their calves in the fall where they were sent to commercial feedlots to eventually be put into the big, monopolized corporate meat “system.” Before Dave had passed away, the corporate beef industry had lowered the price that ranchers received for high quality calves to a point so low, he wasn’t even able to make a living. The stress of dealing with these beef syndicates no doubt contributed to overwhelming stress that lead to his fatal heart attack. In that moment, this all became very personal. Derek and his wife Jessica made the decision to pack up their four kids and move back to the ranch. It was a completely new direction but a challenge that their family was ready to take on. They knew that Cross O Ranch had been well known near and far for the quality of cows and calves that were raised along the Salmon River. Rather than continue trying to make it as a little guy begging for scraps from the big beef syndicate, they decided to take them on directly. Daily you’ll find Derek and Jessica, along with Kennedy, Riley, Kacey and Kinzey, busy on the ranch caring for the land and the animals. You will see them as a family making sure the Cross O Ranch is continued for many generations to come.


The Rancher (Us)

This country has been built on the hard work of ranchers just like our family’s five generations including “Grandpa Dave” (above). Unfortunately, today’s beef market rewards the middle men (stockers, feedlots, processors, whole sellers, grocery stores, etc.) much more than the families on the front lines who care for their cattle like they are part of their family.

The Consumer (You)

Since 1935 roughly 60% of our country’s farms have gone away. What that means is that most of us don’t have ANY CLUE where our meat ACTUALLY comes from. Combine that with the fact that politicians have allowed lobbyists to push for more imported beef than ever, we are at a critical time to TAKE A STAND!

Cross O Ranch (Together)

This mission is personal to us. Our family has been at the mercy of the beef industry cartel and the middle men for far too long. We’ve watched those before us nearly lose everything several times, go through bankruptcy and be forced to sell off huge portions our land due to circumstances outside of our control.


The Cross O Ranch has long been admired for the quality of calves that were brought in each fall. The main reason for that is the fact that they spend the majority of the year at elevations from 3,000 to 8,000 feet. Between the nutrient-packed belly high grass and the crystal clear high mountain springs, it is impossible for even the best new-age nutritionist to duplicate this natural habitat. Rather than spend their entire life in a nasty, hormone infested feedlot, you can rest assured that your beef will have been raised the way you’d want them to be.

​We feed only the highest quality of grass over our beef’s entire lifetime.

We are organically minded and non-GMO.

Our beef is finished on pasture grass and GMO-Free locally chopped barley.

Our beef is processed at a local USDA certified cut and wrap facility and every cut has complete traceability to our animals.

​Our beef is dry-aged for 14-21 days for tenderness and flavor you won’t find many places other than premier steak houses.

We're Derek & Jess Wilson

We are excited you're here and we look forward to being able to serve you and your family. Here are a couple things to to know about us:

​We have been together for 20 years and married for 15 (mostly) happy years :) ​Running a ranch and a meat business were never part of ANY of our plans but God led us to this and we are very thankful. ​If we aren't working around the ranch or boxing meat, you can most likely find Derek coaching high school football or his kids' basketball teams, yelling at the TV during NFL games or podcasting while Jess is most likely volunteering at the school, leading her women's bible study or riding her horse. ​We are both convinced vegans are trying to kill us so everyone should eat more meat! We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy serving it to you.